MimCell™ Bioanalytical Platform

Covitect's MimCell™ platform is a revolutionary step beyond traditional lab automation via microplates. It employs novel microfluidic and BioMEMS technologies in order to achieve high-throughput experimentation of both synthetic and natural biological systems. In place of the simple wells found in traditional microplates, MimCell™ chips feature sophisticated micro-bioreactors that provide a flexible, controllable in-vitro environment, allowing for simulation of in-vivo conditions, without the overhead and limitations inherent to cell culturing and assaying.

MimCell v001

The MimCell™ platform enables a new realm of high-throughput experimentation and prototyping (100's to >10,000 measurements at a time) for life science researchers and developers in academic, goverment, and commercial labs working on:

The powerful capabilities of MimCell™ will have an enormous impact on development speed in: